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Be not afraid of greatness...

Shakespeare: Unlocking Secrets!

Be not afraid of greatness, for that is what we are going to talk about. This year’s 2015 Shakespeare Schools' festival is based on a perplexing tragedy, otherwise known as the Twelfth Night.

This romance is about a horrific shipwreck, with two twins who are swept away onto different islands.

Every year we have a Shakespeare’s Schools' Festival for year 6 children only. Lots of schools take part in it, making it the world’s largest festival performed by schools!  Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone but this play has over 1300 people performing in it.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Miss O'Leary.  This is what she had to say...


Q1:Why did you choose this particular play and who are the main characters in the play?

A:Last year we did a tragedy so we wanted to do a comedy,it is a play full of main characters.

Q2:Where and when is the performance?

A:18th November in the Luton Library theatre.

Q3:What is the criteria for selecting the cast?

A:They had to be commited, work hard and show up to rehearsals.   

Q4:What do you like and dislike about running the Shakespeare group? 

A:I like seeing the children’s confidence grow and I dislike absolutely nothing.

Q5:It’s hard enough for us to keep on top of our homework and clubs. So how do you keep on top of your planning and marking, while running a club on Monday?

A:It's hard but Mrs. Flynn and I work very hard in the evenings.

Q6:How are the rehearsals going so far, is anyone surprising you in any way?

A:Any children that have learnt their lines already!