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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Half Term Round Up

A quick look over the previous half term.

We have had an amazing half term, we, your local bloggers have been spending our half term to tell you about the fabulous things we have done.

Right now I am going to recap about some of the achievements we have acquired. This year is the first as a primary school; we have recently joined with the infant school. We are now actually linked to the key stage 1 school.

Last month was Black History Month, a month to celebrate all the wonderful things black people have done. 6MG did an assembly to tell us about the great things black people have such as; the civil rights rule and equality.

It has been guide a successful season for sports as well; we are doing extremely well in competitions. We have eliminated nearly half of the schools in Luton because of our astounding sports teams.

Last half term it was a reflective term where we remembered those who fought on our behalf. Amazingly we raise around £614.50 on Pink Day for Breast Cancer. In our topics we have been thinking about how we can show love to others and family members.

It is pretty obvious to say that last term was action packed. That is why we should keep looking to the future and achieve greater things.