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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Fairtrade Tuck Shop

Getting a fair price for farmers around the world

Fairtrade Tuck shop!

Here at St Joseph's Catholic Primary we’re sure you have heard of our “Fairtade Tuck Shop”.  If you haven’t, well here it is in a nutshell:

The Fairtade Tuck shop is where we sell many goods, like chocolate bars, granola bars, orange juice, wafers and many more. The great part about it is that farmers get a better deal for what they kindly provide for us.

Today (once again) we are interviewing someone, this time it is Shea (a Fairtrade representative).

Q1. Are you proud of your achievements as a Fairtrade representative?

Yes, it’s a great responsibility!

Q. What do you do?

A. Fairtrade puts up a Tuck-shop to try and make lots of money so that the farmers get a fairer price. We also go to Sainsburys to encourage people to buy fair-trade products, we also do assemblies with Mrs. Killian.

The tuck-shop itself was Friday 31st October 2015.  We do this because we want the farmers to get a fairer price. A massive thanks to Mrs. Killian because she made our school Fairtrade, and the representives because without them we would be DOOMED!


By Kain,5JS and Lorcan 5HD