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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Blast Off!

Year 5 watched an incredible moment in British history

Year 5 gathered in the hall at 11am on Tuesday morning to witness a rocket blast off into history!  This was no ordinary flight, on board was Tim Peake – Britain’s first official astronaut!  He must have been feeling quite nervous, however he showed a courageous and jolly thumbs up to viewers at home!  It must have been worth the wait after 6 years of gruelling training!  Year 5 certainly enjoyed this historical moment, especially as we have been learning about Earth, Sun and Moon in class!  He will spend 6 months aboard the International Space Station – which is 248 miles above Earth!  He will be accompanied by flight engineer, Tim Kopra and Soyuz Commander, Yuri Malenchenko.  I hope they don’t get too close to the sun!

Lorcan 5HD