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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

The 4th Wise Man

Thinking back to our Year 5 nativity...


This year’s nativity is about the fourth wise man named Artaban and about how his journey to visit Jesus took him all the way to the crucifixion of Christ.

The teachers that are organising it are Mrs. Banerjee, Mr. Slough and Miss. McCaffrey.

Some of the after-school clubs that take place in our school are also participating in the nativity such as: the vocal group and the choir.

I interviewed Miss McCaffrey to get some of the back-stage info. These were the questions we asked her.

Q1: Were you nervous about anything on the day?

A: No, I was not nervous because the children had worked so hard and I was confident that they would be amazing.

Q2: Did you think it would all go well on the night?

A: Yes, we had so much fun organising it and I was excited about seeing the finished product.   

Q3: Once you saw the final outcome, did you think they could improve on anything?

A: No, I thought it was absolutely perfect.

Q4: Overall did you enjoy the performance, what part did you like best?

A: I really enjoyed the final performance, it is hard to choose a favourite part. The singing was beautiful and the actors were all incredible.