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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

10 Downing Street

The School Council visit 10 Downing Street!

10 Downing Street!

Did you know that some people in our school were lucky enough to walk down the road of 10 Downing Street? What an achievement! There were 29 children, all part of the school council, who were invited on this exciting trip.

 Even better than that, we even got to go inside the famous building! A special lady toured us round some parts of the house. We also got to go into David Cameron’s cabinet room! He has two special clocks at either side of the room, so that no matter where you were in the room, you would be able to see what time it was. He also had a golden sword on one of the tables near where one of the clocks was. There was a big table that they all sat on and it was in the shape of a coffin! There was also a big bookshelf in the corner of the room where we came in!


We also went to the Houses of Parliament and we learnt about special facts and other interesting things about Parliament. After that, we got to go in the room where Guy Fawkes put his gun powder! In fact Guy Fawkes didn’t put his gun powder in that room but he put it in the cellars beneath that room and that’s what really happened people!  Now the people who work in there go down there every day with a torch to check that evil hasn’t struck again! Then we went into the Queen’s special room where she puts on her heavy robes before going into the Houses of Lords. We also found out that the Queen might have had a special toilet in that room too because we saw something that looked a little bit like a doorknob on the wall!

By Jack 5JM