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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

February News

What's happened in our school during the last month?

February News

This month many rewards have been given out to pupils all over our school.  Blog Club have tracked down some of these lucky winners.

Top Table

A winner from 6PC who received the accolade at the beginning of February (who asked to remain anonymous) explained that he felt amazed to be awarded with Top Table.  Even though he had experienced it before, he still enjoyed it because he felt honoured.


Special Visitor

During February The Bedfordshire Police came to our school to teach us more about E-Safety. They showed us that texting people who you don’t know is bad and that we shouldn’t play games which are rated over our age limit.  The main lesson we learnt was to keep safe online. They even gave us homework; to make sure our devices are safe.  Have you done your homework?  

A boy named Godfred in class 5LB told the Blog Reporters that he was shocked by the information he discovered during the E-Safety talk.


By Blog Reporters Emmanuella, Jessica, Emerson, Zoe and Chloe