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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Year 3 School Trip to St Albans

Year 3 Day Trip to St Albans

Year 3’s trip the Verulamium Museum

On Wednesday 27th and the 26th March 2019, as part of the “Time Travellers” curriculum, the year 3 pupils of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School visited the Verulamium Museum in St Albans.  The children got the opportunity hold replicas and artefacts that where over 2000 years old.  They also explored the Hypocaust building, the Amphitheatre and the grounds of the park!

An interview with Roland and Bella 


Q: What were you expecting from the trip?


A:”We were expecting big stone ruins and to really enjoy it.”


Q: What was the highlight of your visit?


A:”We liked everything although we were afraid of the Roman skeletons!”


Q: What was the most interesting fact you learned?


A:”My favourite fact was that the Romans invented a ‘key-ring’ to use as storage for your key.” Roland said.   

Bella commented, that her favourite fact was that Romans wore ‘dress-like’ clothes called tunics. 'I found that very funny!”