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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

The Polling Station

The Blog Club visited the Polling Station. 

On 2nd May the Blog Club visited the Polling Station.  When we arrived, we had a quick glance around the room before the Polling Officer explained what the citizens of the town do and why.  The Polling Station is where the public vote on who is the best candidate to lead their community.  We saw members of the public walk in and say their Personal ID to the polling clerk so they could cross their names off the ballot list.

Then, he described that they go to the voting booth and make their anonymous decision. They must pick at least three candidates and put crosses on the ballot paper next to the names of  the party representatives.  After they have completed the form they put their paperwork in the ballot box to be padlocked by the Polling Officer.  At 10pm the station will be closed and the votes will be counted.

We were very surprised at the fact that there are over 30 wards in Luton alone.  Most of the Blog Club members cannot wait to get the opportunity to vote.

Written by Chloe, Tiyara and Jessica