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World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019

                    World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March we enjoyed World Book Day. This year, you could either dress up as a character from an Oliver Jeffers book or you could dress up as your favourite character from your favourite book.  Each year group had their activities based on one of the Oliver Jeffers books.  Year 6 focused on the book ‘The Great Paper Caper’ and had an amazing time.  


The KS2 library was transformed into a world with characters from Oliver Jeffers storybooks and had spectacular activities such as an aeroplane building stand, the memory stand and many more.  It was all very creative! For this truly memorable day, we would like to give a very huge thank you to Mrs Gearty.  She has been organising this event each year and making it a day to look forward to.  


An interview with the one and only… Mrs Gearty.

Q: What ideas do you have up your sleeve for future world book days?

A: Now that would be telling! I do believe though, that world book day should celebrate a theme and unite all year groups.

Q: Do you have a particular author in mind for next year?

A: Actually… I do! But I’m not going to tell you who it is. You’ll just have to wait.



Q: What do you think the children enjoyed most about world book day?

A: Certainly in year six it was the giant paper plane competition! But I know for some other year groups, the Oliver Jeffers library was the highlight of the day.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for the activities?

A: Reading! I love it! And every book I read starts the cogs of my brain reeling with ideas for activities to help children understand and love the book!


Reported by Tiyara and Blanka