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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


The children of St Joseph's showed support towards our local harvest festival!

St.Josephs have once again collected for our yearly food bank! Although we thought that we had outdone ourselves last year, our school is ready for another year of hard work, this only being a start! Children have been bringing in bucketfuls of food for a worthy cause; it’s hard to imagine someone go hungry! We have been busily working to collect as much food as possible, thank you everyone for your kind donations, we are going to need more hands to carry all the food!

Luton Food Bank will probably be very grateful for all our donations, and will be asking for more next year! It’s hard to imagine all the lives we could save and all the people we inspired - St Joseph’s is a very giving school. That is not all we are doing this year, we will also be doing other things, like the CAFOD donations, all our sales to raise money, the Year 6 fundraiser and lots more exciting activities to help the less fortunate! Mrs Lee will be organising some fun things to try that will also raise some money! Well done for all your hard work everyone!