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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

The Month of the Rosary

Natalie has reflected on why the Rosary is so important to us at St Joseph's

The Month of the Rosary!

Celebrate Our Lady! Guess what month it is ...  the month of the Rosary! This is a very important month because it celebrates Mary, our mother - and the mother of God.

This month in our classes we are going to be learning about Mary, our Mother, and how to say the Rosary. This has always been important at St. Joseph's. As a Catholic school, we often focus on the Holy Family, so it is a very important to learn about the Mother of that family!  A part of the teacher's job is to teach children to develop their faith - learning about Our Lady is a great way to develop our knowledge and understanding of our faith.

Personal Target: Try to say the Rosary before you go to bed or when you wake up the morning. Celebrate Our Lady!

Natalie 5AB