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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Black History Month

A celebration of Black History across the school...

You may or may not know that October is Black History Month. In this month we take time to look at some influential people who helped make the world what it is today. In our lessons and our assemblies we have been celebrating Black History Month as well. In class we have learnt about black history too. Here is what we are learning about.

Year 3 are making traditional African Masks and learning about famous black people who are alive today. Year 4 are writing poetry about Black History Month. Year 5 are creating African art and writing biographies about important black people (such as Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman). Year 6 are doing a learning log project and learning about black soldiers in WW2.


If you do not know who Nelson Mandela was, he was an inspirational man. He spent a large amount of his life in prison for fighting for the civil rights of black people.

Martin Luther King Jnr fought for equal rights - not just for black people but for every  person to be treated equally. If Martin Luther King Jr had not fought so passionately, I don’t think the world would be what it is today.

These men helped the world become what it is today. Imagine if they hadn't lived - we would all have very different life styles today!

On 9 October 2015, 6MG had an assembly on Black History Month. They outlined why it is important to remember those who worked hard to change the world. As a member of 6MG I think that Black History Month is a very special celebration for all people - man, woman, black or white.

By Kaitlyn, Anna and Melanie