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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Tea with a Teacher - Mr Slough

A quick chat with Mr Slough

This Wednesday we got to interview Mr Slough because we have that power now. We are giving you the classified information - that you cannot get anywhere else. So come and read some interesting information, which you can only find on the blog. After carefully thinking about the questions we could ask, we got some intriguing responses from this talented year 5 teacher.

We asked Mr Slough why he wanted to be a teacher... and we got a reasonable response!  He wanted to teach because all of his pupils will grow into members of society.  He gets to influence them! After that, we asked what his dreams were when he was younger.  We were shocked by his response... did you know that Mr Slough’s dream was to be a swimming teacher before he came to this school?  We couldn’t believe it either!

Did you know your local teacher is a big fan of Manchester City? His perfect day would be to see his favourite band play and watch Manchester City annihilate United.

Mr Slough is describes himself as: amazing, brilliant, unbelieveable and astonishing. These were his own words, unbeliveable don’t you think?