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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Design and Technology (DT)

Welcome to Design and Technology (DT) at St Joseph’s!

Through engaging and inspiring challenges, we aim to equip our children to become resilient and creative problem solvers. Each challenge or unit incorporates the key elements of DT: researchdesignmaking and evaluating. As our DT lessons form part of our wider ‘Creative Curriculum’ topics, the children explore their DT challenges in contexts and themes that are relevant to them and the topic they are learning. Whether it’s cooking a savoury dish to be served on the Titanic in Year 6 or designing a rocket in Year 1, all children are challenged to develop, apply and combine their skills in order to solve real and relevant problems. Throughout their time at St Joseph’s our children have the opportunity to engage with many different aspects of DT, including growing and cooking their own food, sewing, woodwork, computing and electronics.

For more detailed information on DT at St Joseph’s, please see our ‘Curriculum Aims’ and ‘Knowledge and Skills Progression Ladder’ below.