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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Faith Ambassadors

The Faith Ambassadors are elected to support in enhancing the Catholic Life of the school. By living out our school mission statement ’In the Light of Jesus, we Learn to Shine’, we ensure that the Gospel values are central to everything we do and say. The children who are chosen to be Faith Ambassadors are selected for this vocation because they are a shining example to their friends and actively live out their faith as modern day disciples. At the annual School's Mass our Faith Ambassadors are commissioned by +Bishop David.

Trip to Wintershall

The Faith Ambassadors enjoyed a wonderful open-air production called ‘The Life of Christ’ at Wintershall, in Guildford.  They experienced the story of Jesus, the greatest story of all time in a breathtaking landscape.  ‘The Life of Christ’ was performed by hundreds of actors, retelling this story against the peaceful backdrop of the Wintershall grounds.

The Faith Ambassadors went on a trip to Wintershall Estate in Guildford. The play was called the ‘Life of Christ’.  It was so lifelike, and it retold the story of Jesus from the Annunciation all the way up to the Crucifixion. The play featured a plethora of actors and they brought it to life. Adeola 6MG

Our trip to Guildford to watch an open-air production called ‘The Life of Jesus’ was so spiritual and up-lifting.  It felt like I was actually there when Jesus performed the miracles.  My favourite actor was Mary because she made everything feel so real.  I felt so lucky that I was chosen to go on the trip because it was amazing. Olivia 4TF