Family Workers

Family Workers


St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School has 2 full time Family Workers, Teresa Naughton and Maria Stevenson and 2 part time Family Workers, Clair Griffin and Maria Naughton.

The Family Workers support parents and carers with the education, social and emotional well-being of the pupils; working closely with all the staff in the school.  They have a positive working relationship with the nurseries, preschools and high schools to ensure that pupils have a smooth transition between the key stages of their school career.  They also work with outside professional to ensure the best outcome for the family.

During the course of the year Parents and Carers are invited to various workshops and information sessions including:

  •        Anti-Bullying and Online Safety
  •        High School Applications
  •        Learning Logs

Various lunchtime activities are also offered to the pupils:

  •       Gardening Club
  •       Construction
  •       Crafts
  •       Draughts and Dominoes – Year 3
  •       Lego – Year 4
  •       Chess leading to a tournament in the summer term – Year 5
  •       Top Trumps followed by a tournament after SATs – Year 6
  •       Homework Club (lunchtime and after school by invitation)
  •       After school cookery club to promote healthy eating

These clubs encourage the children’s social skills and also help them educationally.

In the school day the Family Workers support individual pupils in a variety of ways, including 1 to 1 mentoring sessions, nurture groups, social skills, pastoral and emotional support.

As part of the school’s pastoral care, Parents and Carers are invited to Prayer and Reflection with the Family Workers and R.E. subject leader; the children are also invited to attend a lunchtime Prayer and Reflection sessions during Advent and Lent.

Rainbows is a 13 week programme to support children to deal with any loss, death and parental separation.  This is run once a year; letters are normally sent out in October.

The Family Workers can be found on the playground most mornings before the start of the school day or can be contacted on 01582-572964.  If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact them.

                                                                        “We are here to support you and your child.”