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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


Within History, there is a story to be told. At St Joseph’s, we relive these stories of the past and empathise with those who lived through historic periods. This is delivered through engaging and thought-provoking lessons; lavish launch lesson and amazing days out!

For example: our children walk like an Egyptian through an ancient market on Egyptian Day; they become nervous evacuees as they are billeted to Holdenby House; they eat like Caesar (or serve as slaves) at a Roman banquet.

Across the school, the children develop their:

  • Knowledge and Understanding;
  • Chronology;
  • Historical Vocabulary;
  • Questioning

For more detailed information about the intent of History, how it is implemented within the school and the impact it has on the children of St Joseph’s, please see the documents below: the ‘Curriculum Aims’ and ‘Knowledge and Skills Progression Ladder.’