Mission Statement

Mission Statement



At St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary school we strive to live out explicitly the Catholic ethos and Mission Statement of our school underpinning all that we do:

‘In the Light of Jesus we Learn to Shine’

We are a Catholic community that gives daily witness to the Gospel values proclaimed by Jesus. Through the teaching of Christ together we are all:  

Growing in self confidence

  •        We celebrate all achievement
  •        We promote positive behaviour
  •        We celebrate and reward all achievement

Growing in knowledge and understanding

  •         We plan and teach lessons that deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding and enable them to develop           a range of skills across the curriculum
  •         We provide a rich and engaging curriculum
  •         We offer a wide a range of activities and resources to support our curriculum and learning

Growing our individual skills and talents

  •         We promote and celebrate the wide range of individual skills and talents in our school community
  •         We offer and promote a wide range of opportunities for the whole school community

Growing our community

  •          We recognise the need to care for and show respect for one another
  •          We recognise that we are part of a wider community outside of the school

Growing our friendships

  •          We welcome and support all new members to our school community
  •          We reach out to those in need within our school and the world-wide community
  •          We grow together in our friendship with Jesus

Growing in love and appreciation of God’s world

  •          We celebrate and promote the importance of prayer every day
  •          We promote the spiritual and moral development of each individual within our school community
  •          We will care for our environment and appreciate God’s World

Following in the footsteps of Christ we work, play, pray and grow together.

“I am the light of the world: He that follows me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light” (John 8:12)