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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Modern Languages (French)

Throughout KS2, all classes receive weekly specialist teaching of French. The curriculum is structured so as to enable learners to make substantial progress over 4 years and develop phonic awareness, listening, oracy and literacy skills. Learning activities designed to engage the full and active participation of all pupils through use of authentic materials, stories, songs, games, drama and ICT.   By the time they leave St Joseph’s, pupils will have developed a sound foundation in transferable language learning strategies that will prepare them for language learning at High School.

Alongside study of the French language, pupils learn about French culture and the wider French-speaking (francophone) world. Pupils show a keen interest in this aspect of the curriculum and enjoy sharing the similarities and differences they identify when comparing to their own culture.

This is further enhanced through contact with partner schools via etwinning projects and to date St Joseph’s has been awarded 3 Quality Labels, 2 of which were language projects. Other successes include our performance in the Junior Language Challenge (3 time semi-finalists ) and publication of selected work in  “Write Away”; an online languages magazine.