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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


At St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we are united in our passion for reading and believe that reading a wide variety of texts as often as possible is the key to success in learning.

From Early Years to Year Six, we want to inspire our pupils to pick up a book because they love to read! Regular sessions are held in our school library. Daily story time, guided reading sessions and half termly updates on new and exciting books to read are regular activities. Inspiration is led by the School Reading Champions and individual reward systems for perseverance and consistency in reading are just some of the ways that we encourage our pupils to read for pleasure.

Enter our classrooms to catch a glimpse of our reading trees, heavily laden with ideas if pupils are unsure of what to read next.  Visit our library and enjoy a special place designed purely for the pleasure of reading. Talk to our pupils and experience their eagerness to share their love of reading and the joy it can bring.

Above all, we want our pupils to discover, as early as possible, the magic and wonder that reading for pleasure creates, whether they are confident readers or just beginning to read alone. Join our whole school community in ensuring that everyone is a reader and that every day is a reading day!