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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Year 1


In Year 1 the majority of children have made the transition from the EYFS to the New National Curriculum. The children continue to have exciting, first hand experiences that engage them in their learning through a variety of interesting and exciting topics.  They have opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding through role play as well as first hand experiences. 

We aim to embed key skills in reading, writing, spelling grammar and maths that will enable them to learn well in all subjects. We continue to have a focus on phonics and in the summer term the children will be assessed in their phonic knowledge and the outcome of the screening will be reported to parents.

We also ensure that the children have the skills they need to be a successful member of our modern British society. We ensure they have an understanding of different beliefs and cultures and learn acceptance, tolerance and respect towards others. Through the RE Come and See programme we teach the children about their faith, using scripture to explore the messages of the Gospel Values.

At St Joseph's we are extremely proud of our phonics outcomes.

In 2019 91% of pupils achieved the threshold for phonics. 

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