Year 3

Year 3


The year 3 pupils enjoy a wide ranging curriculum and develop their skill, knowledge and understanding through a variety of engaging and interactive activities. The skills of art, geography, history and design technology are taught through our three creative curriculum topics of Stone Age to Iron Age,  Land of the Free (the Americas) and Time Travellers (Roman Britain and Ancient Greece).

They begin with a detailed insight into the life of Early Man and swiftly move through the history of Britain until they investigate the Roman Invasion in detail. In some instances the learning of English will link closely to our topic work although the focus is still on the skills of creative writing and features of specific genres.

Children also enjoy carefully planned guided reading and grammar sessions, as well as class readers from well-known authors such as Anne Fine and Ted Hughes. The grouping of children for Maths enables the National Curriculum objectives to be delivered at the appropriate level and pace for their individual learning. Building upon previously obtained skills in science, pupils deepen their understanding of scientific subjects such as magnets, forces, food groupings, rock, plants, light and healthy lifestyles. 

The Religious Education Curriculum underpins all learning and particularly focuses on Mass, the Sacraments and specific Biblical events. Staff also support the children as they prepare for the Sacraments of First Confession and First Holy Communion.

Please click on the attachments below to download the curriculum letters and the Star Writers work.


  1. Yr 3 Curriculum Letter Sept 2018
  2. Yr 3 Curriculum Letter Jan 2019