Year 5

Year 5


In Year 5 we plan an exciting and varied curriculum.  In order to introduce higher level reading texts to the children, the majority of our English work is based around age appropriate novels that engage and interest the pupils.  This academic year we have introduced ‘Clockwork’ by Phillip Pullman – a dark and mysterious fairy tale based around the small German town of Glockenheim and its mysterious clockmaker, Dr. Kalmenius.  During the summer term our class reader will be ‘Midnight for Charlie Bone’ by Jenny Nimmo – an exciting adventure tale about a young boy with special powers. 

All Creative Curriculum work is topic based and our three exciting topics are ‘Archaeological Adventures’, ‘Our Active Planet’ and ‘Where in the world’.  During the Archaeological Adventures topic the children learn about and develop their understanding of the fascinating lives of the Ancient Egyptians.  They learn that because of the dry Egyptian climate, many of their ancient tombs and buildings have been beautifully preserved, giving us invaluable information about their lives.  As a part of their learning, pupils will engage in a debate over the ownership of the Rosetta Stone, create Ancient Egyptian art and understand why millions of people still visit Egypt today. 

The ‘Our Active Planet’ topic covers the geographical topic of natural disasters.  This delves into the understanding of how the world is balanced on a series of tectonic plates which can move and create disasters in different parts of the world.  Children will learn about The Ring of Fire, an area with a high concentration of volcanoes, about the huge eruption of Pompeii which destroyed a Roman Town two thousand years ago and understand how we prepare for disasters today. 

The summer term sees our Where in the world topic in which children learn about produce from around the world.  This includes discovering that the Cocoa  bean is used to make chocolate and they will even get a chance to design and make their own chocolate bar!

In class, our RE curriculum is delivered through our ‘Come and See’ programme through a variety of topics.  The children learn about the Bible and think about the key messages in scripture and how this applies to our lives today.  

Please click on the attachments below to download the curriculum letters and the Star Writers work.


  1. Yr 5 Curriculum Letter Sept 2018
  2. Yr 5 Curriculum Letter Jan 2019